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One of the skills that stands the test of time is EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION. Unless the human race has advanced so far that we are able to read minds, we will always need to learn how to effectively communicate. Can you read your partner’s mind? Even after being together for 15 years, I still can’t!

In today’s world, we are so caught up with technical skills (such as coding etc). We are flooded with examinations and assessments. Parents send their children for coaching in Math, Science and every other subject but the biggest thing they overlook is that, in order to get things done, we NEED THE HELP of others. 

Effective Communication is the key to RAPPORT and RAPPORT IS POWER

And the truth is, not many people are going to help you or be guided by you unless:

  • you have something to offer them,
  • they understand you and
  • believe in you.

To achieve this, you need RAPPORT with others. As quoted by Tony Robbins, RAPPORT is POWER.  The key to this power is EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION. Tony brings out very key points: 

  •  Rapport is created by a feeling of COMMONALITY

However, we are so caught up results that we overlook why communication is important. We understand why communication is important at work but we don’t place emphasis on it in our own personal development or in the development of our children.

However, we are so caught up results that we overlook why communication is important. We understand why communication is important at work but we don’t place emphasis on it in our own personal development or in the development of our children.

Effective Communication Strategies

Know your audience

The 1st strategy is KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Tony brings out a couple of important points that relate to this:

People like People who are like themselves

If you know your audience and you know what they like, you can steer your communication to what makes them tick.

Communicate with style

Style is more important than substance initially

The 2nd strategy is you need STYLE and you cand do this by various means, through WORDS, tone of voice, the way you dress, posture and your presentation material. Ever had a boring lecturer or teacher who spoke in a monotone voice? He or she could have had so much to offer in terms of knowledge but you struggled to understand or keep up because it was hard to pay attention and it didn’t excite you.

This is the same with powerpoint presentations. If you show too many words to an audience that doesn’t like detail, they get bored and lost.

Clarity about what you are trying to say

Brian Tracy tells us to be clear on what you are trying to communicate. If the other party doesn’t understand, re-phrase and say it again. If the other party responds and you are not clear if they get your intent. Ask questions.

Useful Resources

The Complete Communications Skills Master Class for Life – Udemy

In this highly rated course by TJ Walker, you will learn about

  • why communication is important at work and in personal situations
  • customer communication skills
  • assertive and persuasive Communication
  • speaking skills for kids and their parents
  • business communication, public speaking and giving talks and speeches in all kinds of situations 
It is really comprehensive!

Get certified with the Improving Communication Skills course with Coursera

The Improving Communication Skills course is offered by Wharton University on Coursera.org. You will learn how to communicate more effectively at work. Some of the things you will learn:

  • how to discover and react if someone is lying 
  • how to develop trust
  • the best method of communication for negotiation, and
  • how to apologize.

You’ll also learn when to cooperate and when to compete, how to create persuasive messages, ask thoughtful questions, engage in active listening, and choose the right medium for your messages.

Recommended Books and Articles

4 Essential Keys to Effective Communication in Love, Life, Work – Anywhere!: A How-To Guide for Practicing the Empathic Listening, Speaking, and Dialogue Skills to Achieve Relationship Success 

This highly rated book is a how-to guide to help you practice key communication skills. You will learn

  • how to listen with empathy
  • dialogue skills to achieve commonality and mutual understanding with others
  • conflict management 
  • and more

You also get practical challenges to improve this skill.

Free YouTube Courses

Effective Communication Skills mini-course on YouTube by communication coach Alex Lyon. He covers the following effective communication topics:

  • Longwindedness is the enemy of effective communication
  • Importance of being concise
  • Concise statements and sentences
  • Organised thoughts
  • Pausing for emphasis
  • Avoiding fillers like “Right..”, “Uh…”, “Sort of…”
  • Non-verbal communication like eye contact

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