Event Manager

Event Manager

Focus on these desired skills for event manager resumes #

Preparing your resume for your dream event manager job? Focus your experience on these highly desired skills to develop your optimal profile description for your event manager resume.

Using AI and machine learning to identify sought after event manager skills #

Through text mining and machine learning, 1000s of event manager job postings have been analysed to identify skills to focus on.

What are the desired qualities of an event manager? #

Above is the full list of desired experience and skills. Let’s look at the top-ranking skills.

Marketing #

Marketing is the highest ranked desired skill set in event management. This involves:

  • develop event management marketing plan
  • marketing communications
  • marketing tools and platforms
  • experiential marketing
  • digital marketing
  • marketing strategies

Communication #

Communication skills is highly desired in Event Managers.

What is communication in Event Management?
It involves the following:

  • communication with the client to ensure understanding of expectations and client satisfaction
  • listening and negotiating
  • conveying information and ideas
  • communication strategies
  • verbal and written communication with internal and external partners
  • ability to adapt communication according to the audience

Planning #

Companies focus on candidates who have event planning experience. Showcase and provide examples of your ability to plan events.

Logistics #

Our analysis highlights the importance of logistics in event management. Highlight your experience in this area and emphasise on your ability to:

  • plan and coordinate logistics
  • develop and track logistics timeline
  • execute logistics
  • manage logistics of physical and virtual events

Project Management #

Event Management and Project management are identified as critical. Companies are seeking event managers who are skilled at managing, tracking projects and working with stakeholders.

Budgets #

Experience in budget for event management also rates highly with recruiters and companies. They are seeking candidates who can:

  • manage projects to assigned budgets
  • track and report event budgets
  • develop, monitor and track budgets

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