GIS Analyst/Specialist

GIS Analyst/Specialist

Land GIS jobs for GIS analysts or specialists with these skills and experience #

Preparing your GIS Analyst job resume? This list of high demand GIS skills and experience may help you craft a profile that catches the attention of recruiters.

Using AI and machine learning to build high demand GIS skills list #

Through text mining and machine learning, 1000s of jobs for GIS postings have been analysed to identify skills that are highly desired by companies.

What GIS specialist skills are recruiters and companies seeking ? #

Here is our GIS skills list of top keywords that appear in job descriptions for GIS analysts and specialists.

Build your GIS career profile around these key topics.

ArcGIS #

Companies are seeking GIS analysts and specialists who are well-versed in the use of ArcGIS, a software that specialises in spatial and location-based analytics. A GIS analyst resume should place strong emphasis on experience in delivering insights and actions from the use of the ArcGIS software like ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Platform.

Mapping #

Highlight experience in mapping and in contributions towards:

  • manipulation and analysis of mapping data
  • driving decisions based on mapping insights
  • qualitative and quantitative insights in mapping workflows and processes
  • driving mapping accuracy improvements

Planning #

Experience with GIS and urban planning, land-use planning, conservation planning, environmental planning

Engineering #

Candidates with engineering degrees or systems engineering certificates are desired in jobs for GIS. Companies seek GIS analysts with familiarity with the following:

  • engineering geo-spatial concepts
  • engineering CAD software

Python, SQL, Arcade GIS and Scripting Languages #

GIS Analyst applicants with skills in utilising scripting languages such as Python, Arcade GIS, SQL are highly preferred. Enhance your resume profile by emphasizing your skills in this area.

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