Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Manager

In demand Product Marketing Manager skills, experience and qualities #

What are some of the most important product marketing manager skills, experiences and attributes? Find out here!

Product marketing managers play an essential role in helping companies develop new products that meet consumer needs. They must understand how consumers use products, identify potential problems, and create solutions for those problems. This article will give you insight into the responsibilities, experience and qualities required for this role.

Using machine learning, we have analysed thousands of job postings to help you understand what companies and recruiters are seeking in an effective product marketing manager. Our insights will also assist you should in staying up-to-date with industry trends and the key product marketing manager skills.

Outlined below are the key skills and tasks for product marketing managers.

Product Marketing #

Product Marketing Skills
  • Scaling Product Marketing
  • Managing end-to-end Product Marketing
  • Develop and lead Product Marketing strategies
  • Develop and achieve marketing success metrics
  • Collaborate on content development for brand alignment
  • Contribute to the development of marketing collateral

Product Management Experience #

Product Management Skills
  • implementation of product management strategies
  • go-to-market vision, strategy and product launches
  • knowledge of product lifecycle management processes, measures and tools
  • influence product roadmap
  • work cross-functionally with sales, marketing and product management organisations

Digital Marketing #

  • Understanding of Digital Marketing especially Social Media and Mobile
  • Execution of Digital-first launches
  • Development of a comprehensive Digital Customer Experience strategy

Other complementary skills and experience #

  • Project Management
  • Brand Management
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Market Analysis, Research and Competitive Intelligence
    • Analysis of market data
    • Monitoring of competitive landscape
    • Providing competitive intel top equip sales and product teams
  • Management consulting
  • Business Development
  • Process Engineering and management

Attributes and Traits of a Product Marketing Manager #

Expected traits of a product marketing manager are the ability to:

  • communicate
    • articulate vision
    • communicate complex concepts, and technical details
    • translate consumer and market insights
  • influence cross-functional teams, decision-makers, key stakeholders
    • influence product positioning
  • prioritise and multi-task
    • handle multiple projects and competing priorities
  • analytical
    • analyse business issues, reporting data, financials
  • ability to execute and apply
    • apply marketing concepts
    • apply P&L perspective
    • apply marketing operating strategies

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