Public Relations Manager

Public Relations Manager

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What is the role of a Public Relations Manager? #

PR managers are responsible for creating positive publicity for their clients. They develop marketing campaigns, manage media appearances, and create press releases.

Current job postings indicate recruiter interest in talent having experience and expertise in the following 3 key areas:

  • Media
  • Communications
  • Social Media

Media #

Public Relations manager Media Skills

A good PR manager will understand how to use different forms of media to reach their client’s goals. This includes using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. to promote their company. It also involves reaching out to journalists through email, phone calls, and direct messages.

In-demand PR Managers Media skills and experience #

Media Engagement #

  • Establish and maintain close working relationships with members of the media 
  • Utilizing multiple channels of media outreach to develop proactive campaigns
  • Pitch programming to the trade press and consumer press
  • Utilize targeted media channels to generate visibility

Media Strategy #

  • Develop  policies and procedures related to media relations;
  • Media strategy that uses print, online and broadcast media

Communications #

Public Relations Manager Communications Skills

As a PR professional, you will need to understand what makes people tick. You should also be able to identify the needs of your clients and use those insights to help them achieve their goals. Highlight your expertise in this area by demonstrating your ability in the following:

  • increase editorial coverage by creating unique story angles
  • effectively respond to sensitive media and public inquiries.
  • build communications programs that amplify customer stories 
  • oversee crisis communications plan

Social Media #

Public Relations Manager Social media skills

Managing the reputation of an organization or company is the responsibility of a public relations manager. When it comes to digital communications, PR managers need to be on top of their game. It is important that they understand what works and what doesn’t work online. Within social media, you will mostly be required to demonstrate ability and experience in:

  • leading all aspects of public/media relations and digital channels: social media, website, mobile app and email newsletter campaigns
  • practical application of social media and influencer strategies
  • managing and maintaining social media engagements including monitoring and responding to social media inquiries
  • planning and managing all digital and social media paid media by including influencer marketing programs

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