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Improve your application chances by focusing on these Event Manager job keywords and topics

Applying to be a Event Manager? Focus on these keywords and skills and catch the attention of potential companies and recruiters.  Hundreds of  event manager job descriptions  have been analysed to  identify:

  • keywords, buzz words and related terms in the area of event management
  • top of mind topics of companies hiring event managers

Make your resume and cover letter engaging by adding these keywords and topics. If you need a refresher on the listed topics or are new to the role and would like to understand the skills involved, explore the links to the relevant videos and articles.

Event Manager Skills

Event Planning Management

How to Plan an Event 

How to Plan the Perfect Event

Resource Management

Resource Planning

Activities Task Planning

Risk Management

Managing your event risks

Budget Management 

How to create an event budget

Experiential Marketing

Experiential Event Marketing Production Example

Examples of Experiential Marketing

Logistics Planning

Event Logistics Management

Event Manager Job Keywords

wdt_ID Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
1 Skills Project Management Project Plan
2 Skills Project Management Event Planning Management
3 Skills Scope Management
4 Skills Resource Management Resource Planning
5 Skills Time Management
6 Skills Activities Task Planning Event Coordination
7 Skills Risk Management
8 Skills Transition Planning
9 Skills Communication Skills
10 Skills Budget Management Staff Planning
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
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