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Event Planner job keywords and topics to help you land the role

Interested in that dream Event Planner role? Focus on these keywords and skills and catch the attention of potential companies and recruiters.  Hundreds of  event planner job descriptions  have been analysed to  identify:

  • keywords, buzz words and related terms in the area of event management
  • top of mind topics of companies hiring event planners

Make your job profile stand out with these keywords and topics. If you need a refresher on the listed topics or are new to the role and would like to understand the skills involved, explore the links to the relevant videos and articles.

Event Planner Job Keywords
Focus on these keywords and topics when applying for an event planner role

Event Planner Skills

How to Become an Event Planner


9 Tips for Running a Successful Event


How to Plan the Perfect Vent


Event Coordination Tools

Virtual Event Planning

5 Ways Technology Is Changing Event Planning

Sponsorship Efforts

Get More Sponsors for your Events

Event Planner Job Keywords

wdt_ID Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
1 Skills Event Execution
2 Skills Event Planning
3 Skills Event Coordination
4 Skills Event Management
5 Skills Virtual Event Planning
6 Skills Budget Development
7 Skills Marketing
8 Skills Solutions Organisation
9 Skills Design
10 Skills Specifications Documentation
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
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